Justin Bieber and wife Hailey Baldwin Enjoy Christmas

Justin Bieber and wife Hailey Baldwin Enjoy Christmas

Justin Bieber gushes over 'how cute' wife Hailey looks in, Justin Bieber Candles Christmas Eve Photos with Cozy, Wife Hailey Baldwin

He says he's 'obsessed' with her 'so much it actually hurts'. 

And famously besotted couple Justin and Hailey Bieber professed their love for one another yet again on Christmas Day, in twin posts on Instagram.

On Christmas Day, love is in the air for happily married Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin.

Late Thursday night, Bieber, 26, shared a sweet photo with his wife Baldwin, 24, as they enjoyed a cozy Christmas nestled indoors. In the black and white snapshot, the lovebirds were pictured canoodling. Bieber did not caption his Christmas Eve post, but many fans commented to share kind words and holiday greetings.

The music superstar, 26, shared a duo of gorgeous couple shots of the pair on the beach at sunset. 

"WE LOVE YOU GUYS, MERRY CHRISTMAS 💜," one person wrote. "Hope you have a good Christmas, yourself and Hailey Bieber," added another. "They look like actual twins," one Instagram user noted. "MARRY [sic] CHRISTMAS BABES," a fourth person commented.

Ever the casual Casanova, Justin wore gray sweats and what looked to be a heavy knit taupe blanket over his shoulders. 

Bieber shared a similar colorized photo on his Instagram story, in which the duo posed in front of their gifts. Baldwin posted several updates from her holiday festivities on her Instagram story. In one photo, the model showed what appeared to be a chocolate cake, which she credited her sister, Alaia Baldwin Aronow, for making.

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Proudly showing off her Brazilian heritage, Baldwin shared a video of their native dinner. "A 🇧🇷 Christmas Eve dinner 😇," she wrote.

She shared several more photos, including one of her and a newborn family member watching Gossip Girls together.

Even on holidays, Baldwin finds time to work outside. "Christmas Morning Burn," she captioned an Instagram story photo of herself laying with a resistance band wrapped around her legs. The star also shared that she was working on her beauty in another photo, "Christmas buns. Christmas ones. Christmas masking," she wrote.

Another exciting

Baldwin, her sister, Kahlea, was born on Dec. 25. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE CHRISTMAS BABY OF THE FAMILY," she began in her celebratory post, which she shared on her Instagram story. BIG CHRISTMAS ANGEL ENERGY. LOVE YOU."

His model wife, who turned 24 last month, wore a fuzzy fleece lavender trench coat or robe, over light colored sweatpants and a dark top.

She had her hair up in knots while Justin‘s shaggy mane hung in his face.

The couple enjoyed an equally as joyous Thanksgiving together last month, during which the model was incredibly proud to reveal that she had prepared her first-ever holiday bird. In a sweet snap she posted on Instagram, she wrote int he caption, "1st [sic] time turkey maker. (No, it’s not burnt.) Happy Thanksgiving," Bieber shared a heartfelt post of his own, expressing his gratitude for the good Lord almighty.

"On this Thanksgiving, I’d like to thank the single most important person to ever live. The lover of my soul, King Jesus," he captained his photo, which read, "THANK YOU JESUS" in bold font. Just one week ahead of Thanksgiving, the pair celebrated Baldwin's 24th birthday.

Justin Bieber Celebrates Wife Hailey Baldwin's 24th Birthday: 'Can't Believe You Are Mine Forever'

Bieber captioned his celebratory post about the apple of his eye: "My eyes are 4 [sic] you. My heart is 4 [sic] you. My soul is 4 [sic] you. My love is 4 [sic] you. I am home wherever you are. You are my safe place. I am completely and utterly obsessed with who you are. My biggest dream is growing old with you. I can't believe you are mine forever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY."

The pop star's mom Pattie Mallette also sent her daughter-in-law birthday love. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY @haileybieber!! I love you forever," she wrote in a post she shared on Twitter. "You are a gift and a blessing to our family. So grateful you were born !! Love, love, love."