KFC console: This KFC gaming console is real after all, and keeps your chicken warm

KFC console: This KFC gaming console is real after all, and keeps your chicken warm

Not to be outdone by Sony's PlayStation 5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series X, fast-food restaurant chain KFC (previously called Kentucky Fried Chicken) has launched its own gaming console. No, really. This time they mean it.

While it is true that fast-food chain KFC (long known as Kentucky Fried Chicken) released its own gaming console, it cannot cook food, according to report. Instead, it has a built-in chicken-warming chamber, which was showed off in another video released by KFC Gaming on Twitter on December 23.

The KFConsole's Chicken Chamber is the real game-changer as it allows players to place precooked chicken to stay warm while they are much into the game.

The day after PlayStation 5 appeared in June, KFC posted a video on social media showing its new KFConsole, stating that the gadget was "equipped with a chicken chamber", featuring a red-hot grill.

It was a fun prank at the time (in case you didn't know, you really can't grill or fry chicken inside a gaming console), but now it appears KFC has clarified that its gaming console is, in fact, real, but that the gimmick is that it keeps precooked KFC chicken warm. There's no grill or deep fryer inside the KFConsole, but it is a real gaming console that boasts an Intel Nuc 9 minicomputer and a swappable GPU slot.

"Never risk letting your chicken go cold again thanks to the patented Chicken Chamber," Cooler Master's said on the description posted on its website. The developer added that it utilized the console's natural heat and airflow system, so players can focus on their gameplay while enjoying "hot, crispy chicken between rounds."

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Intel PR representative Mark Walton unveiled the new chicken-warming KFConsole on Twitter on Tuesday, assuring confused gamers that the KFConsole is genuine and not a hoax. The official KFC Gaming Twitter account released a new video on Tuesday showing a chicken-warming chamber.

KFConsole is also VR ready and supports beam tracing. Cooler Master says that KFConsole offers smooth and fluid high-frame-rate gameplay at 240fps for all games with support for 240Hz output on 4k displays.

But the real game-changer (so to speak) is the Chicken Chamber of KFConsole, where you can keep chicken pre-prepared to keep warm during the game.

The cooler master's description states, "Never allow your chicken to be put at risk." "By using the system's natural heat and airflow system, you can now focus on your gameplay and enjoy hot, crispy chicken in between rounds."

As of now, KFC has not released any information as to where gamers can get their hands on KFConsole. So hopefully, if you are a KFC fan, it is not limited in its release. KFC, Intel and Cooler Master did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In 2019, KFC released a real game called I Love You Colonel Sanders Dating Simulator Game, which launched on Steam; and KFC encourages gamers to make KFC builds in Minecraft and share them.

KFC has pulled other off-the-wall marketing stunts, including a real KFC fried chicken computer keyboard complete with a chicken drumstick mouse, KFC fried chicken-scented sunscreen, KFC nail polish that tastes like fried chicken and KFC Crocs shoes this year. 

Most recently, KFC announced that the company made a minimovie for the Lifetime channel called A Recipe for Seduction, starring actor Mario Lopez playing a hot Colonel Sanders.