Jessie Cave: Harry Potter's Jessie Cave discusses baby son Abraham ...

Jessie Cave: Harry Potter's Jessie Cave discusses baby son Abraham ...

Jessie Kew discusses her baby son Abraham's COVID-19 fight and her relief that she took him to the hospital as soon as he was unwell.

The actress' youngest child, three months, was discharged from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital last week, two days after she turned 33, her diagnosis was confirmed.

When Lorraine arrived on Tuesday, she said: 'We are fine, we are doing well, we are much better' before discussing the onset of the deadly virus on her child.

She said: 'It’s the most contagious thing. I was completely symptomless so it’s bizarre. He was completely fine, almost two weeks later, he suddenly turned. With newborns, you have to be so hyper aware of every single symptom.

Jessie was gravely concerned by the change in Abraham's behaviour and rushed him to hospital.She continued: 'Within a day, he was not feeding as much, his cry was different, it was like a different baby. I just went into A&E.

'Everyone should know about a quick change because it would have been very different if I hadn't gone in.

'Everyone is so scared right now, incomprehensible. For children, it is not excessive for adults. You must be so quick to go in and not be afraid to go inside. Basically don't wait, go. '

'There is nothing planned that I think everyone can relate to this year but it was scary stuff. He was in a neonatal unit after a quick labor.

'Just now, it's been 11 weeks, and I couldn't believe it when we found out. It is a very strange time for everyone but very scary. '

'The other thing is that with this level of the newborn their immune system is so weak, and therefore anything really bad can result. That's why they took it so seriously.

'Even my breastfeeding was affected by this. Because of the stress, my milk dried up a bit and I had to give him formula. Our lives have completely changed. Just two nights can affect your life.' 

Giving an update on Abraham's recovery at home, she said: 'He’s OK, he’s doing much better now. It’s bizarre how it didn’t affect me but it’s completely affected him. It’s a lottery really.'

The mum-of-three is now quarantining apart from partner Alfie Brown and their two other children amid Abraham's recovery.

Jessie said she still does not know how her 11-week-old baby, Tenn, contracted the illness, but her partner is currently in the throes of it and really suffering.

"All I know is it’s absolutely the most contagious thing," said the Lavender Brown actress.

"I was completely symptomless, so it’s just bizarre.

"I did go and get a test because I wanted to see my mum and family at Christmas, and then obviously we couldn’t.

"And he was completely fine, there was absolutely nothing wrong, then over a week, almost two weeks later, just suddenly turned.

"That’s the thing about newborns you have to be so hyper aware of every symptom and just to trust your instincts.

"Within a day of realising he was just kind of changing a little bit, he wasn't feeding as much and his cry was different, it was like a different baby.

"I just went for it and I went into A&E, I think that’s what everyone has to do, they have to be aware of a sudden quick change, because it could have been a completely different story if I hadn't gone in."

Lorraine apologised after accidentally referring to her partner as her husband, and Jessie laughed: He’s not my husband, he’s my boyfriend, he doesn't want to get married!”

"I’m so sorry, I keep doing that!" said Lorraine. "Sorry for marrying you off!"

Jessie went on: "He has now got the virus, it's just a weird delay.

"It’s such a strange illness and it affects everyone completely differently and so it’s completely affected our lives over this period of time, I can’t really imagine a normal day now."

She added: "He is ok, he’s doing much better now, it’s just bizarre how it didn’t affect me and it’s completely affected him."

She continued: "Everyone has said to me, ‘I didn’t think babies can get it’ but it can affect everyone.

"With this stage of newborn their immune system is so weak, and so anything can have a really bad consequences.

That’s why they treated it so seriously… even my breast feeding was completely affected by this, even two nights of a change of routine has affected us.

Because of the stress, my milk dried up a little bit and now I've had to give him formula and so our entire lives have changed."

The star said Abraham's diagnosis had given her a wake-up call and made her respect just how 'dangerous' COVID-19 is. 

She said: 'My brother is an A&E doctor and my dad runs a vaccination hub and listening to them, it’s amazing how worse it is this time. 

'I think we’ve all got relaxed in a way because we’re so used to lockdown. It’s a new chapter for me. 

'I have so much respect for how dangerous it is, not that I didn’t before, but when it happens to you, it becomes so real and scary. People said to me, I didn’t think babies can get it, it absolutely can affect anyone.'

Jessie shared a sweet snap of her son Abraham to Instagram on Sunday evening as he recovers from coronavirus.

In the cute image, the three-month-old girl looked at her mother's giant red sunglasses while resting her smile on the mat.

The actress' youngest child was discharged from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital earlier this week, 33 days after the 33-year-old Thespian confirmed her child's diagnosis.

Little Abraham looked adorable in a white and grey bodysuit as he gazed at his doting parent.

In another photo, the artist's daughter Margot, four, sweetly planted a kiss on her younger sibling's cheek. 

Cartoonist Jessie has Abraham, Margot and son Donnie, six with comedian partner Alfie Brown.

On Thursday, the London native revealed Abraham had been sent home as she shared a series of images from his stay in hospital, including her diary of his sleep and his bandaged arm. 

Jessie shared her thankful note alongside the images, writing: 'Baby is home now. Thank you for all the well wishes and messages of support. Be safe everybody amazing care from everybody at Chelsea & Westminster'. 

The film star previously confirmed her baby was 'okay and doing well' having been stricken with the 'powerful and contagious' strain of the virus. 

Jessie was doting on Abraham in the snap as she shared the news with her 162,000 Instagram followers that he was now at home. 

In the images she posted, she showed the bed she had been given next to his hospital cot, his sterilised bottles, her various creams and a video of Abraham. 

On Tuesday morning, the actress shared a snap of her baby in a hospital cot in an isolated room, with an iPad playing Boris Johnson's national address announcing lockdown in the forefront in her initial announcement. 

In her caption, Jessie - who has Abraham, son Donnie, five, and daughter Margot, three, with comedian Alfie Brown - confirmed her baby is 'okay and doing well' having been stricken with the 'super powerful and contagious' strain of the virus.

London-based Jessie welcomed Abraham in October and the newborn spent the first days of his life in the neo-natal unit following her 'terrifying and humbling' pregnancy, before being discharged in November.

Having left the hospital in November, Jessie was back with her youngest after he contracted the new strain of the virus.   
A caption accompanying the shot read: 'I saw the news about the lockdown from a different room in the hospital. Poor child Kovid is positive.

'He is fine and doing well but he is cautious and alert, thankfully ...

'This strain is super powerful and contagious so I hope people take extra care in the coming weeks.

'Didn't really want my family to start the new year. Didn't really want to go back to a hospital soon after her painful birth ...'Once again I am in awe of nurses and doctors. It makes me more proud of my brother, another E doctor and my father, Raja GP…

'Please wish baby a speedy recovery. He's 9 lbs 7 now so he's a stronger and bigger boy than he was when we were last in a hospital room (and the needle went into his hand with louder more powerful screams) Love and best wishes to everyone'.She later took to Instagram stories to share more snaps from inside the hospital, including stethoscope hanging over the bed, a breakfast of Cornflakes and juice and a sweet image of Abraham.

It is not yet clear whether any other members of her family have been infected. 

In her caption, Jessie praised her father David Lloyd, who is a GP, and her brother Robbie Lloyd - an A&E doctor. She grew up in London and attended Hammersmith's Latymer Upper School. The family still live in the capital.  

In November, research found that newborn babies are very unlikely to become severely ill with Covid-19, with researchers also concluding that the chances of a baby catching the virus from their infected mother is very slim. 

On maintaining a healthy work-life balance, the actress told Bustle in 2018: 'I learned pretty early on you can't do much work with children around. 

'When they were babies maybe, but now they don't sleep so I'm basically on my feet the entire day. My mum is brilliant; she helps me most days. 

'And, actually, up until a few weeks ago I was living with her and my sister. My partner Alfie and I split up when Margot was only 10 weeks old.'

The cartoonist, who juggles her stand-up and acting career with her successful 'doodle' company, famously became pregnant with her first child after a one-night stand with her on-off partner in 2014.