James Charles Has Shaved His Head, becomes an instant meme on Twitter

James Charles Has Shaved His Head, becomes an instant meme on Twitter

James Charles has shaved his head and people think he looks just like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. 

The YouTuber debuted his new look on Instagram, which has left his followers completely stunned.

In one picture with his previous look, the 21-year-old stated that his stories have been ‘slacking so bad recently’, which was soon followed by a picture of him teasing his dramatic new appearance.

Beauty guru and internet celebrity James Charles has apparently decided to go bald, and Twitter can't seem to get enough of it.

The 21-year-old make-up artist recently left fans shocked after his new bald look was captured by the paparazzi.

Known to experiment with his hair from time to time, the sight of James Charles without his trademark mane is a look that fans are certainly going to take some time getting used to.

As soon as word got around that James Charles had opted to go bald, Twitter was abuzz with several reactions, as users instantly began memeing the situation.

Doodling over his newly bald head so his 26 million fans couldn’t see it, he wrote, ‘Wait until you guys see what I did with my hair’.

People on social media have since said that he make-up artist resembles Jeff Bezos. One person wrote on Twitter, ‘BREAKING: James Charles to play Jeff Bezos in new biopic. Expected to hit streaming platforms this summer.’

Fellow YouTuber and make-up artist Manny Gutierrez tweeted Charles stating how shocked he was to see his new hair. He wrote, ‘when you facetimed me to show me… my gasp could be heard around the world’.

Some people are digging the 21-year-old’s bold, new look, others… not so much.

James Charles was recently snapped by paparazzi while stepping out of his car. To everyone's surprise, he emerged with a new, bald look.

Speaking to them about the same, he proudly showed off his new look and stated:

Aside from Bezos, James Charles has been compared to Uncle Fester from The Addams Family, Balloony from Phineas and Ferb and Caillou.

Many Twitter-users are sceptical about if James really shaved his head as a photo has emerged of him from behind where wrinkles could be seen on the back of his head, potentially caused by a bald cap that he’s wearing.

Sharing the picture, one person wrote, ‘oh sis… you tried . but we know.’

He teased a new look on his Instagram story a couple of hours ago, where he cleverly used a filter to cover his head.

This soon led to speculation about what his next look could be. By the looks of his recent public appearance, it seems like he has decided to go the bald route.

With social media having a strong proclivity towards churning out quality memes, James Charles soon became a living meme, courtesy of his shocking bald look:

While his bald look has led to a mixed reception, fans should not be too worried because it is most likely a bald cap, as revealed by the tweets below, which point out wrinkles on his skull:

It could just be the light, or it could be a cap after all – I’m sure we’ll find out sooner or later.