Kundali Bhagya TV Serial 5th February 2021 Written: Kareena tells Preeta to leave the house

Kundali Bhagya TV Serial 5th February 2021 Written: Kareena tells Preeta to leave the house

The latest episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with, Akshay promising Megha that he will not marry Kritika and Megha gets very happy. Then Megha asks Akshay about the gift he said he will give to her. Akshay gives her a gift box, and asks Megha to try the outfit.

Episode begins with Hotel manager asks Sameer that what was he doing in the hotel lobby and if he didn’t reply then he will call the Police and was about to call the Police and Sameer tried to stop him. Sristy overhears their conversation and tells Hotel manager Arnav that she and Sameer from news channel and they got order to check this hotel’s security and facilities but they failed to run the hotel properly so they are going to give negative report about the hotel. She says tomorrow they going expose this hotel and tells him to watch the breaking news.

Meanwhile, Akshay’s doorbell rings and hotel staff brings his order. And then Akshay asks the staff to bring ice and alcohol for him. While the door was open, Sameer tries to peek in Akshay’s room. A hotel manager sees Sameer and asks him to come to his office otherwise he will call the police. 

In the next scene, while driving the car, Sherlyn asks Kareena bua to call ask Akshay where he is. Kareena calls Akshay and asks where is he now. He says he is in the house only. But then Rakhi says its just about 10-15 minutes only, lets check the hotel .

They all reach the hotel and ask the receptionist to tell if Akshay was with a girl or not and Preeta explains her the whole problem. The receptionist confirms that she saw Akshay with a girl and the room no. was 101. 

Kritika’s eyes fills with tears and she runs towards room no. 101. She and Preeta knock the door and after a while Akshay opens the door. Krithika notices alcohol bottle and asks what is this when he stopped drinking. He says he feels humiliated whenever Luthra’s suspect him. Preeta tries to find Megha in the room but fails to find her. 

Akshay acts innocent and says that nobody is in his room with him. Preeta asks Akshay to stop lying and tells him that she knows he checked in the hotel room with Megha and should tell them where he has hidden her. Akshay says nobody is in the hotel room with him when everyone hears a noise of something breaking, in the bathroom. 

Preeta asks why Kareena apologizing. Kareena yells at Preeta and says it’s about her daughter’s life and tells her to stay away from this matter. Rakhi tells Preeta to not say anything now. Preeta asks why they are not believing her and says Akshay lying to them. She says if they don’t believe her then it’s fine but what Akshay doing in this room with these alcohol bottles. Krithika says Akshay still didn’t answer her question. Akshay’s father says no one drinks from his family so they arranged this party for few of his friends.

Preeta asks Akshay to stop playing and tells him to say the truth otherwise he has to face the worst consequences. Akshay says no girl came with him and his father already cleared everything. He tells Krithika that he loves her so much and he won’t cheat her. Akshay’s mother says her son and Krithika loves each other so much and she did wrong by talking about canceling the marriage and asks Preeta to not create problem. Preeta says Akshay doesn’t love Krithika. Kareena says today Akshay and Krithika’s marriage will happen no matter what and promises that Preeta won’t create any problem from now on and they leaves from there.

Akshay’s mother slaps Akshay and says she already warned him about Preeta. Akshay’s father says if they didn’t came on time then their game would have finished and Akshay has to live poor life with Ruchika and her child. Akshay says they are overreacting and once he marries Krithika he will transfer all the properties on his name.

Akshay mocks Preeta and says he can understand that she wants to slap him but she can’t do that. He tells her to not do anything because she can’t expose him for sure. She says she will stop this marriage definitely. He says when Waiter came to his room he noticed Sameer and he got it what Preeta planning to do so he sent Megha with Waiter and leaves from there. Sristy asks Preeta what happened. Preeta tells them everything and says Akshay impressed everyone again.

Sameer says maybe they would have trusted his words if he was there then. Preeta says she failed to prove that Akshay is bad guy and Kareena is angry on her don’t know how she is going to react. She reaches Luthra mansion. Kareena throws Preeta’s luggage her and tells her to leave the house and says she should not return until Krithika’s marriage happens.