Adam Levine Debuts With Giant Leg Tattoo, Says 'today Was Ouch But Worth It'

Adam Levine Debuts With Giant Leg Tattoo, Says 'today Was Ouch But Worth It'

Singer Adam Levine has debuted with another tattoo on his body. On Tuesday night, the Maroon 5 lead vocalist took to Instagram to share a slew of videos of tattoo artist Nathan Kostechko. In the clips, Nathan was seen putting some finishing touches on the large design of ocean waves which is newly inked on his left leg. The large design took about three days to complete.

Adam Levine’s new tattoo

In a clip, that features Nathan shading some lines on his calf, Adam captioned as “Day 3”. The Payphone singer also wrote alongside another video, "Today was ouch but worth it." Post sharing glimpses of the inking process, Adam finally unveiled the final product by flaunting his entire leg in a photo. In the picture shared by him, fans can see that the huge design stretches from his ankle to his upper thigh. While sharing the photo, Adam joked how this was the “Most painful way to get a tan”. Take a look at the Instagram stories shared by Adam Levine below:

According to People, Nathan has previously also tattooed a gigantic Heart on Levine’s neck. The singer’s passion for tattoos is no secret amongst his fans. With over two full sleeves design imprinted on his arm, Adam also has more than a dozen tats all across his body. It was back in the year 2016 when Adam debut a large back mural on Instagram.

The design showcases a mermaid with angel wings. Even this tattoo features crashing waves as a part of its design. The intricate design was shared by Adam on Instagram. While revealing his enormous tat, the singer said that tattoo artist Bryan Randolph took about six months to create the masterpiece.

Meanwhile, on the singing front, earlier this month Adam Levine in collaboration with Savage singer Megan Thee Stallion dropped the music video of their recently released track, Beautiful Mistakes. With soothing lyrics, the music video showcases both the singer taking a psychedelic tour of the city of Los Angeles in a pink convertible. The fluorescent vibe of the video was highly acclaimed by fans.