Huge fire breaks out at an upstate New York nursing home with 'multiple people trapped' after roof collapses

Huge fire breaks out at an upstate New York nursing home with 'multiple people trapped' after roof collapses

MULTIPLE people have reportedly died after a huge fire broke out at a nursing home in New York today.

The massive blaze at the Evergreen nursing home in Spring Valley has caused the building's roof to collapse.

A source at the scene reportedly said "multiple people" had died in the fire and many others were trapped.

A witness told Insider that the building had been on fire for two hours before an explosion caused the roof to come down.

The New York Fire Department are at the scene, and there are multiple injuries.

A helicopter crew is reportedly helping to fight the fire.

Firefighters have been called into help from northern New Jersey, Belaaz reported.

Witness Mark Kennedy described the fire as "raging" and that it had left the nursing home "completely destroyed".

The nursing home has rooms up for up to 200 people.

An eyewitness told Insider the building had been engulfed in flames for around two hours before the explosion caused it to cave in on itself.

The New York Fire Department and Hatzolah are on the scene where there has been a 'massive explosion', according to Orthodox Jewish media outlet Belaaz.  

The outlet reported that there were 'several injuries'.

It also noted that firefighters were called to the scene from as far away as North Jersey, and helicopter assistance was also present.

Eyewitness Mark Kennedy said that the fire had been 'raging', and that the building was 'completely destroyed', according to Insider.

'The fire was probably raging for around two hours, or maybe more, before the building caved in,' Kennedy told the outlet. 

Video from the scene showed the nursing home engulfed in flames as emergency responders gathered in the parking lot. 

Footage taken following the reported explosion, parts of the building were shown collapsing as the fire continued to spread through the building. 

Another video showed a number of the care home's residents on a bus as they were taken away from the scene, and was being used to allow relatives to identify them.

The brothers in Rockland County have been battling this Nursing Home fire in Spring Valley. Maydays were transmitted. We hope all are OK.

According to the nursing home's website, the home is a senior care and assisted living facility with rooms for up to 200 residents.

The home is found at 65 Lafayette Street in Spring Valley, which is in Rockland County, New York.

Rockland County is in upstate New York, around 45 minutes away from New York City, and has a large Orthodox Jewish community.