Justice League: Black Adam Already Has One BIG Superman Superhero Fan

Justice League: Black Adam Already Has One BIG Superman Superhero Fan

Black Adam is poised to become a more heroic figure than he was in the past, with the promise of Infinite Frontier even setting him up to be accepted into the Justice League. There are some heroes who are a bit wary of these developments, but there's one notable hero who is already rooting for him.

In Infinite Frontier #0, Superman is a supporter of the idea of Black Adam redeeming himself, setting him up for eventual heartbreak if Black Adam turns on the heroes down the line.

Black Adam has always been one of DC's more volatile figures. Although he's one of the most powerful forces in the DC Universe, his own personal morality and stubbornness has set him up against the heroes of the DC Universe in the past. However, things seem to be changing. Shortly before the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal, Black Adam seemed to make peace with Shazam and all of his allies after working together to defeat Superboy-Prime. Black Adam even worked with the Justice League in Endless Winter, which teased prior instances of Black Adam working with heroes across time. In the post-Death Metal DC Universe, it appears that Black Adam wants to continue doing good in the world.

In the era of Infinite Frontier, the heroes are picking up the pieces from the chaos of the most recent crisis. Superman and Flash arrive on the scene to deal with a mysterious Fire God who's attacking civilians. But by the time they arrive, he's already been defeated by another figure: Black Adam.

It appears that Black Adam has been fighting threats to innocents, with crowds even referring to him Shazadam, tying him closer to other Shazam heroes. The civilians openly compare him to Superman, setting up Adam to have a far more positive role in the modern-DC Universe. While Flash is a bit hesitant to take this change in Black Adam to heart, Superman is far more open to the idea.

Superman's belief that anyone can become a better person would lead him to encourage Black Adam's more heroic venture. This bodes well for Justice League's upcoming admission of Black Adam, and suggests that the Man of Steel could become Black Adam's biggest supporter in the League. Superman's open heart makes him a natural fit as the teammate who'd most want to work with Black Adam, despite his more villainous actions in the past.

But this could also set up the pair to have a far more destructive connection down the line, given what Black Adam might be fighting for in the fall-out of Future State.

The tease of DC's distant future revealed that Black Adam will be one of the last ones standing against the Unkindness. Blasted back into the present day, the future Black Adam vows to kill the Unkindness before she becomes a threat -- setting him up to try and kill her original form in the present-day, the heroic Raven of the Teen Titans.

If Black Adam can resist the temptation of what his future form promises about their future, then the present-day Black Adam might just prove to be a major ally to the Justice League. But if Adam learns about the possible happiness he could find in the future with his Future State counterpart, then the reformed villain could be on the path towards causing a conflict with his only supporter within the Justice League.

Author Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing a Superman reboot feature for Warner Bros and DC Films. 

The upcoming reboot was confirmed on 26 February and is still in the development stages. No release date is available yet.

Rather than a sequel to the 2013 release Man of Steel, the new film will be a Superman reboot. 

The Superman reboot will be produced by JJ Abrams under his label Bad Robot. Hannah Minghella will be a producer, but the film does not yet have a director.


Author and journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates is no stranger to the comic book world. He has written issues of Black Panther and Captain America. He also wrote the books The Beautiful Struggle, We Were Eight Years in Power and The Water Dancer. Coates said he was honoured to be working on the Superman reboot.


The role of Superman was first played in 1978 by Christopher Reeve in Superman: The Motion Picture. Reeves also starred in three subsequent films. He then passed the cape on to Brandon Routh in 2006, who starred in Superman Returns. 

Henry Cavill stepped into the role in 2013 for Man of Steel, followed by the 2016 release Batman vs Superman, and Justice League in 2017.

There is no confirmation on whether Cavill will be replaced as the search for an actor for the Superman reboot has not started. 

In February, DC broke diversity barriers casting Sasha Calle as the first-ever Latin Supergirl. 


Not much information on the Superman reboot is available yet, but Abrams said there was a new, powerful story to be told. 


A source told The Hollywood Reporter that the Superman reboot story was being set up with a black Superman at its centre. The studio had been trying to wrap its head around this for a while now, the source said. 

Michael B Jordan previously tried to develop a black Superman story when he first arrived at the studio, but was not successful.