Miley Cyrus Jokes Joanna and Sophie Turner named their baby girl after Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus Jokes Joanna and Sophie Turner named their baby girl after Hannah Montana

With Sophie Turner as her mom and Joe Jonas as her dad, we already knew little Willa had the best of both worlds.

But now, the 8-month-old baby girl has been showered with love from none other than Hannah Montana herself. 

On Wednesday, March 24, Miley Cyrus sent a bouquet of flowers from her pop star alter ego to Joe and his family in honor of the 15th anniversary of her Disney Channel show, Hannah Montana.

Grab a box of tissues as singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus is celebrating the 15th anniversary of her iconic show ‘Hannah Montana’ and in honour of the special day, she posted a handwritten letter to her character on social media.

But hidden in her handwritten card was a sneaky clue that sent fans into a tizzy, as they wondered whether Willa's real name has been Hannah Montana all along?!

On Wednesday, the 28-year-old pop star penned a love letter to her breakout character. Cyrus became a household name when the show made its debut on the Disney Channel in 2006.

“Hi Hannah, It’s been a while. 15 years to be exact. Since the first time I slid those blonde bangs over my forehead in the best attempt to conceal my identity. Then slipped into a puke pink terry cloth robe with a bedazzled HM over the [heart]. I didn’t know then…that is where you would live forever,” Cyrus wrote in the note, shared on Twitter and Instagram.

Here's what happened: Joe posted a picture of the star-shaped flower arrangement, with purple, yellow and pink blooms. He wrote, "HOLY HANNAH MONTANA!!! THANK YOU @mileycyrus WE LOVE IT! THIS IS EPIC!!" 

Sophie added, "THANK U HANNAH WE [purple heart] U." 

However, Smilers zoomed in on the note that Miley had written for the couple. It appeared to read, "To: Joe & Sophie! It was so sweet of you to name your daughter after me! Sending all my love to little Miss Hannah Montana! Love, Hannah Montana."

Wait, what?

Is she really her namesake? We've never tried so hard to calculate how "Willa" could possibly be short for Hannah Montana—or perhaps Willa's middle name is "Montana"?

All signs have pointed to the name Willa, and Sophie even got a tattoo of the letter "W" in tribute to her daughter's moniker.

Yet, we know the Game of Thrones alum is a big fan of Miley's TV show, going so far as to dub Joe "hubbs of the year" when he gave her a Hannah Montana T-shirt as an early Christmas present in 2020.

So, it seems like Miley's note was all a part of an inside joke, and it wasn't actually revealing their baby's secret name. But sweet niblets, we're still not sure this mystery has been solved for good! 

For what it's worth, the 28-year-old "Malibu" singer also sent flowers to Migos, which dropped the song "Hannah Montana" in 2013. Just imagine their surprise to receive a thank-you bouquet eight years later. 

Quavo thanked Miley for the gift and tagged her on his Insta Story, to which she responded, "You brought a whole new meaning to Hannah Montana," adding a heart.

Likewise, Offset posted a picture of the flowers and her note, which read, "I [heart] your song about me! Keep rockin!" 

Miley also celebrated the 15th anniversary of her career-launching show with a nostalgic note to her character, handwritten on Hannah's purple (and practically vintage) stationary. 

Now, please excuse us while we go blast the Migos song and simultaneously re-watch the 2007 episode of Hannah Montana that featured the Jonas Brothers—you know, "Me and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas."