Over 6,000 Indian gamers have petitioned Sony to restock the PlayStation 5 in India

Over 6,000 Indian gamers have petitioned Sony to restock the PlayStation 5 in India

In recent years India has become a massive gaming hub, and for some time now a lot of Indian gamers have patiently been waiting for Sony to refill PlayStation 5 stock in the country to no avail. With no word from Sony India for so long, unhappy gamers have started a petition on Change.org for the company to not ignore the Indian gaming community.

The petition started by an Indian gamer, SV Yesvanth Kumar was first spotted by IGN and it currently has over 6,000 digital signatures.

To recall, the console was launched in India back in February at Rs 49,990. However, since then the company has not restocked the console even a single time in the country. The company has also not launched the PS5 Digital Edition in the country, even though it has already announced the price of the device (Rs 39,990).

Having a petition does not mean that the company has to comply with it. It is basically a show of demand, which the company can decide to fulfil or not. However, with such a major shortage and the console’s unavailability in stores, it is risking loyal PlayStation gamers who might look to shift to other platforms.

As of now, people can get stock of the console in the grey market, however, the prices being asked are exorbitant and this practice of unlicensed selling of products is illegal.

Can we expect a PS5 restock soon?

Sony has not officially stated when we will get to see the stock get refilled. However, rumours suggest that the company is looking to restock the inventory by the end of this month. With this petition, the company might accelerate the process of restocking.

As of now, the company’s official retail site showcased the status of the PlayStation 5 as ‘Notify Me’ instead of ‘Sold Out’. Hinting at a stock refill. However, even if a refill takes place soon, considering the high demand, we expect the units to be snagged up within seconds just like the last time.

Sony India in an official statement during the initial pre-order phase, which sold out within minutes, stated that interested customers should “stay in touch with retailers” regarding future updates. 

Later the company issued another statement, where it clarified that it has informed all of its retailers not to take any advance payments or pre-orders of the PS5 until an official confirmation about the restocking of the PS5 is made.