Planning a trip abroad? European Union countries to issue COVID travel passes

Planning a trip abroad? European Union countries to issue COVID travel passes

Planning to travel abroad this year? Then, here’s a good news for you all. As per the Reuters report, on Wednesday, in a bid to boost tourism, European Union countries formally agreed to launch COVID-19 travel passes this summer and will negotiate details with the bloc’s lawmakers in the month of May, two diplomatic sources said. 

What is a COVID-19 travel pass?

According to the report, the certificates would allow people who are vaccinated, have recovered from COVID-19 or are with negative test results to travel more easily in the EU, where restrictions on movement have weighed heavily on the travel and tourist industry for almost over a year.

The 27 EU member states “underlined their commitment to have the framework ready by the summer of 2021,” said a document endorsed by national envoys and seen by Reuters. 

The European Parliament, which must also agree to the proposal for it to take effect, is due to agree its own position later this month and final talks between the lawmakers, national envoys and the bloc’s executive are expected to start in May.

The member states’ agreement includes provisions against discrimination towards those who cannot or do not wish to get vaccinated and allows for a range of tests to prove recovery. While member states would be obliged to recognise EU-approved vaccines, specific countries could also issue certificates covering jabs Russia’s Sputnik or China’s Sinovac vaccines that are only authorised on their territory.

Other EU countries would decide whether to accept a certificate referring to a vaccine not approved by EU regulators.

Meanwhile EU countries are working in parallel to ensure “that the necessary technological solutions are in place”, the EU27 decision read, so that the new digital or paper certificates can be put to use once approved.