YouTube mobile app gets new video resolution setting

YouTube mobile app gets new video resolution setting

YouTube is making changes to its Android and iOS app that are supposed to make it easier for users to select the resolution of their videos. Unfortunately, the new video quality controls make it more confusing for mobile users to decide what option to choose, especially if they're not concerned with how much data they'll consume as the options do not let you choose the exact resolution for streaming as before.

YouTube is replacing the option to individually select the streaming quality of the videos you're watching with generic options, which only mention how heavy on data the streaming will be similar to Amazon Prime streaming resolution selector.

For example, instead of having the option to choose between 720p, 1080p, or 4K resolution, you're now given other options that are supposed to be more “friendly” for non-tech-savvy: higher picture quality (more data usage), data saver (lower picture quality).

The Advanced menu gives you the option to set the resolution of the video. But the changes you make only apply to the current video. But no worries, you can set default video quality for all videos by heading to the Settings > Video quality preferences menu. You can set defaults for both mobile networks and Wi-Fi.

However, you can't set a specific resolution as a default for all videos since the Advanced option isn't available under the Video quality preferences menu.

While most people who are used to the old settings are unlikely to find the new settings useful since they introduce an extra step to change the video resolution, YouTube wants to make data saving easier for those who don't understand the video resolutions.

The new settings are enabled through a server-side switch, so updating your app to the latest version is no guarantee you'll get the new options. But it shouldn't be too long before YouTube completes the rollout.