Apple may launch new AirPods Pro in 2022 with health tracking features

Apple may launch new AirPods Pro in 2022 with health tracking features

Apple is expected to launch the third generation AirPods this year but the AirPods Pro second generation will not be launched before 2022. As per reports, the new AirPods Pro will likely come with health tracking features. 

The AirPods Pro will also feature a new design and enhanced motion sensors to facilitate health tracking features. Apple has not gone official with the plans of launching the AirPods Pro, it is still under wraps.

As per a Bloomberg report, Apple might completely get rid of the stem design and opt for a design similar to the Galaxy Buds. However, some reports say that the stem will be retained in the next AirPods Pro, but it would be shorter than the previous design. Nothing has been formalized as of now as per the Bloomberg report and the final output can be very different from what leaks suggest.

Earlier, analyst Ming Chi Kuo had claimed that Apple AirPods sales are expected to go down this year almost 25 per cent. He blamed the increased competition and loss of market share as the reasons behind the drop in sales

Kuo in his note to investors had suggested that Apple should include some health tracking features to make their TWS earbuds stand out from the crowd.

“The competitive advantage of Apple's products lies in providing integration of the "hardware, software, and service" ecosystem, not just hardware. The iPhone, for example, has seen its market share decline due to the rapid growth of the smartphone market, but it has been able to maintain shipment growth because of the strong ecosystem of the App Store and developers. We believe that Siri is the core of AirPods' software and service ecosystem, but since Siri's competitive advantage is not significant, the gap between AirPods' leading edge and its competitors' shrinks due to a lack of protection from the ecosystem as competitors gradually improve their user experience and launch lower-price strategies at the same time. We believe that HomePod and HomePod mini shipments were significantly lower than expected for the same reason,” he had said.

So the AirPods Pro that is expected to arrive in 2022 could come with an optical heart rate sensor or an advanced biometric sensor to track stuff like temperature, heart rate, perspiration levels and more. The AirPods 3, on the other hand, are expected to arrive this year.