Apple teaser hints at Hi-Fi audio for Apple Music subscribers

Apple teaser hints at Hi-Fi audio for Apple Music subscribers

Apple has dropped a teaser for an announcement that could hint at a Hi-Fi tier of Apple Music. Being that this is a teaser, any details are non-existent. But it’s worth noting that Apple is promising “Get ready – music is about to change forever.” Which hopefully is a strong indication that the rumoured Apple Music Hi-Fi service is around the corner.

The teaser video can be found on the main Browse tab in the Music application. Interestingly, the teaser comes at a time when reports suggest Apple will announce a new “Apple Music+” subscription tier and the third-generation AirPods on May 18 via a press release on its website.

It’s being said that a Hi-Fi music tier of Apple Music will cost the same $9.99 as the current individual ‌Apple Music‌ plan. Apple’s new tier offering for its music streaming service will bring CD-quality sound in a lossless compression standard. The tech giant has been rumoured to offer a new Hi-Fi or high-fidelity ‌Apple Music‌ tier for a while now.

MacRumors recently reported that it found code in the iOS 14.6 beta that confirms the Hi-Fi music tier is a real deal.

9toMac too found references of lossless audio in the latest Android beta app, hinting at a CD-quality music tier of Apple Music in the works. It is said that Apple Music will offer two choices for lossless playback: 24-bit/48kHz and 24-bit/192kHz.

Apple wouldn’t be the first company to add a hi-fi streaming tier in its music streaming app. Spotify will bring a new tier offering music with CD-quality sound later this year. The streaming giant has yet to announce a launch date or pricing. However, the new Hi-Fi option could cost $20 in the US.

If Apple manages to bring a hi-fi streaming tier of Apple Music at the existing $9.99 price, it would be a big win for the Cupertino company. This move could create a price war among the music streaming service providers. CD-quality music tiers from Amazon and Tidal cost $15 a month or more for individual users.

Besides the Hi-Fi music tier of Apple Music, Apple could also introduce AirPods 3 this week. They are expected to look just like the AirPods Pro but come without active noise cancellation. AirPods 3 will cost $159 the same price as the existing AirPods 2.