Clubhouse Android app now available for download in India, but it has a rocky start

Clubhouse Android app now available for download in India, but it has a rocky start

Clubhouse’s Android app is now available for download in India too. The social audio app is now visible on Google Play Store for users worldwide. However, many are complaining about the verification process not working properly.

Due to sign up issues, users have given a 1-star rating to Clubhouse on Google Play Store. The app has been downloaded by more than 1 lakh Android users. Some of the users are also struggling to get an invitation to sign up. Clubhouse requires an invitation from another user to sign in.

As per the reviews section on Play Store, several users are facing sign up issues as they are not getting the verification code and when they try to re-enter the mobile, the app says the number is “incorrect” or isn’t “supported.” On iOS, Clubhouse is invite-only and this will continue for Android as well.

It is important to note that this is the public beta version of Clubhouse. The platform is yet to announce a stable version of the Android app.

Clubhouse rose to popularity when celebrities like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and others made an appearance on the app. Clubhouse garnered millions of users in its initial year, despite giving limited access. As a lot of people are interested in audio-based social apps, several social media platforms have been trying to develop their own version of Clubhouse.

Facebook is reportedly working on an audio chat-based feature, which could be added to the Messenger app. Similarly, LinkedIn is also said to be working on the same feature. Some of the popular social media platforms have already unveiled alternatives to Clubhouse. There is Twitter Spaces, Discord’s Stage Channel, Instagram’s Live Rooms, and Telegram also launched Voice Chats 2.0.