Mexico rail overpass collapse that killed 20, injured 49

Mexico rail overpass collapse that killed 20, injured 49

A subway overpass collapsed late Monday in Mexico City, sending the cars of a passenger train plunging to the ground and killing at least 20 people, including children, the city’s mayor said.

At least 70 others were injured, officials said, and emergency workers scrambled to a scene where tilted train cars lay amid tangled wires and twisted metal. As dawn approached, a crane was holding one car in the air as emergency workers checked it to see whether any passengers remained trapped.

Twenty people were killed, including children, and 49 were hospitalised when a railway overpass collapsed onto a busy road in Mexico City on Monday night.

Rescue efforts for potential survivors were paused shortly after the accident, authorities said, because of the risk that more of the Metro overpass and train cars could slam down onto the road.

A video on local channel Milenio TV showed the structure plummeting onto a stream of cars near Olivos station in the southeast of the city at around 10.30 p.m. local time, sending up clouds of dust and rubble.

Other images showed at least two train carriages precariously hanging from the damaged overpass as emergency fire and medical crews initially used ladders to access the carriages.

The crash occurred about 10:25 p.m., reported. The Associated Press quoted Ms. Sheinbaum as saying that a support beam on the overpass had collapsed as the train went by.

However, Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum said the rescue had been suspended "because the train is very weak". A crane was being transported to the site to stabilise the train carriages so rescuers could resume their work, she said.

Sheinbaum said seven of the people transported to hospital were in a "grave condition" and undergoing surgery. She earlier said a total of around 70 people had been injured.

Wearing a hard hat and face mask to speak to reporters at the accident site, Sheinbaum said it appeared a girder had given way on the overpass but the cause was being investigated.

The Metro 12 line that runs over the collapsed overpass was built almost a decade ago when Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard was mayor of Mexico City.