One month after launch, Xiaomi yet to put Mi 11 Ultra on sale and interested buyers are fuming

One month after launch, Xiaomi yet to put Mi 11 Ultra on sale and interested buyers are fuming

Xiaomi may have messed up. Don’t get me wrong, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer still holds the top spot with 26 per cent market share in India according to Counterpoint Research’s report for Q1 2021. The growth may show in the second quarter as well because of the kind of response the Redmi Note 10 series got. However, things could have been better if the Mi 11 Ultra launched on April 23 was selling in the country. Sadly, even after a month of its launch, the 2021 Xiaomi flagship is yet to get a sale date.

2021 seemed like the year when Xiaomi might finally make inroads in the flagship category. It nearly did. The Mi 11 Ultra turned out to be an excellent smartphone, as we highlighted in our Mi 11 Ultra review. This is why there was a strong buzz around it and a lot of customers were waiting to get their hands on the phone. All of them are still waiting.

Xiaomi had launched the Mi 11X and Mi 11X Pro on the same date and both these smartphones have already gone on pre-orders. The Mi 11 Ultra hasn’t. Xiaomi hasn’t clarified why there is a delay in Mi 11 Ultra sale, neither has it reserved a future date when the phone can be available in the country.

Tech has reached out to Xiaomi to understand the reason behind this delay in Mi 11 Ultra sale and will update the story if we receive a response from them.

Customers are annoyed

This isn’t the first time when a smartphone didn’t go on same immediately after its launch. There have been cases in the past too most notably, last year’s OnePlus 8 series which was delayed in India because of the Covid restrictions of that time. What’s annoying the interested buyers is the uncertainty around the Mu 11 Ultra sale.

The interested customers have been waiting for more than a month and still have no idea when and whether the Mi 11 Ultra will go on sale in India. A lot of them have also reached out to India Today Tech through different platforms.

“Dear xiomi india, When will mi 11 ultra sale in india ???? It will come to sale or not ??? Just please reply. I am waiting for it from whole 2 months hardly. I am waiting phone from feb. And waiting for it,” Likhama Ram, an India Today Tech viewer, commented on YouTube.

There are a lot of others who skipped the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or OnePlus 9 Pro hoping to get their hands on the Mi 11 Ultra.

“I ditched oneplus 9 pro and vivo x60 pro+ for this phone but i regret my decision due to not sale date announcement for the mi 11 ultra,” Krutik Patil, another user complained.

Many others also expressed their disappointment.

A missed opportunity?

Complaints aside, this was a great chance for Xiaomi to eat into Samsung’s market share. The latter has enjoyed monopoly in the Android flagship segment for several years now. That changed this year with OnePlus, Xiaomi and Vivo launching their own premium smartphones. It’s worth mentioning that the Mi 11 Ultra is priced at Rs 69,999 in India which is almost two-third the price you have to pay for the S21 Ultra but, has everything that the Samsung flagship has to offer.

It has the flagship processor, one of the best displays, excellent camera system, big batter and fast charging. All of that make the Mi 11 Ultra an excellent choice for anyone who wanted the flagship Android experience but didn’t want to spend over Rs 1 lakh. Unfortunately, they can’t buy it. At least till the time of writing.

If Xiaomi didn’t have enough units of the phone, it could have possibly delayed the India launch. If it did, then we are not sure why there is a delay in the sale. In either case, at least interested buyers might start looking at other options if the mystery continues.

Interestingly, while this phone is yet to go on sale, Xiaomi has already teased the India launch for its next Mi 11 series device. It is planning to introduce Mi 11 Lite in the country, even though it is not official yet. Hopefully, we will hear more on the Mi 11 Ultra before that.