OnePlus set to add new theme store to OxygenOS 12

OnePlus set to add new theme store to OxygenOS 12

A new official post by OnePlus in the brand’s forums has confirmed that the brand is set to add its own theme store on OxygenOS 12, its next planned software update that will be based on Android 12. 

The development coincides with Google’s own decision to implement a theming system in Android 12, which is expected to launch in August this year.

The addition of a theme store will be one of the many discussion points during the next OnePlus Open Ears Forum (OEF) set for May 18. The brand plans to discuss its upcoming OxygenOS 12 additions with a group of 15 users and several community members.

The OnePlus history of interface design and customisation

However, with recent updates like Android 11-based OxygenOS 11, the OnePlus interface took a step away from its signature stock-like appearance for a new interface revamp that emphasised one-handed usage and looked a lot like Samsung’s One UI interface.

OnePlus phones have for years been known for their clean software, thanks to CyanogenOS and later, OxygenOS. The OnePlus skin was light, performance-oriented, and resembled stock android for the most part.

OnePlus devices have always featured a degree of customisation, since the first OnePlus One which was based on CyanogenOS. Customisation options today on OnePlus phones include elements like accent colours, fingerprint unlock icons, icon shapes, fonts, lockscreen clock display and the Always-On display screen. 

Apart from a dedicated dark and light mode, the devices also featured a signature OnePlus theme.

The addition of a theme store could provide a unified place for all kinds of customisation for OnePlus users. This could make mixing and matching various customisation elements as easy to use as simply selecting one of many preset themes. Note that the store could feature a mix of both free and paid themes.

Further, the addition of a theme store could also open up a new platform for artists to create and submit their own themes for the OnePlus theme store. Not a lot of confirmed details are known as of now about OxygenOS 12 or the Theme Store. However, we should soon hear more about them on May 18 during the OnePlus Open Ears Forum.