Realme laptop can come in India in Q3 2021, which will cost you less than Rs 50,000

Realme laptop can come in India in Q3 2021, which will cost you less than Rs 50,000

Realme may be getting serious about making a laptop after it joked about it on April Fools’ Day. The smartphone company has started a questionnaire on its forum where it is asking its fans and anyone who stumbles on it their preferences for a laptop.

Realme has asked people if they are planning on buying a new laptop in the next three months. That is our cue to safely assume that Realme may launch its first laptop in the third quarter of 2021.

The questionnaire on the Realme India forum begins with questions on personal details, including people's age, gender, annual income, among others. Then, Realme throws some questions that are aimed at collecting information about the phone respondents are using and if they are satisfied with it.

These questions usually arrive from time to time so that the company remains privy to what the market hype is and where consumers are heading in terms of features on their phone. After all the smartphone-related questions, Realme put in some questions that were related to a laptop.

Realme is asking if respondents are planning to buy a new laptop as early as the next three months. And if they are, how much they can spend on one. Realme has specified a range between Rs 30,000 and Rs 50,000.

Realme is even asking the brand of the laptop people own, largely to get an idea of who they would need to counter, as and when its laptops hit the market.

This means Realme is likely to launch an entry-level laptop that can cost anything between these two limits, and that will go up against the likes of Xiaomi Mi Notebook 14, which sells for Rs 41,999.

Realme previously pulled a prank on its fans by announcing that it would launch a laptop on April 1. Obviously, people were sceptical and, later, Realme said it was just an April Fools’ Day joke. But this joke did not come over out of a random prank idea. 

Rumours around a Realme laptop have been there for a long time now. And now, the latest questionnaire is a strong hint that Realme is planning to finally enter the laptop space, which saw a steep spike last year because of the work-from-home economy.

Even though offices reopened for some, the second wave has forced offices to shut again, making way for the stay-at-home setup again. This might benefit Realme if it manages to launch a laptop that has a good mix of features and is less expensive.