Robert Pattinson's pictures of The Batman were leaked. Riddler's Zodiac Killer Look Surprise Fans

Robert Pattinson's pictures of The Batman were leaked. Riddler's Zodiac Killer Look Surprise Fans

New promo art from The Batman are leaked online, one of which shows Riddler's Zodiac Killer look. Riddler is one of Batman’s iconic adversaries who is fond of playing deadly games of riddles. Some photos of Robert Pattinson have also made it to the Internet. In the Robert Pattinson-led film, Paul Dano plays the role of Riddler. The fans of the franchise are in awe of the new look.


Several photos from the upcoming film The Batman have made it to the Internet and are being loved by fans. One photo of Riddler has intrigued fans as they are amazed by his Zodiac Killer look. The fans are comparing the look to the Zodiac Killer, a real-life serial killer who terrorised northern California in 60s and 70s. 

The new picture doesn't show a domino mask or green unitard with question marks printed on it. Dano’s Riddler is masked and bespectacled.


Some coloured photos of Robert Pattinson as the Batman have also surfaced on the social media. The pictures are still not officially endorsed by Warner Bros. These are thought to be leaked from a tie-in calendar. One fan declared, “Holy s**t doesn’t Robert Pattinson look amazing in the Bat Suit[?]”

A series of Covid-19 induced delays have disappointed fans. The filming of The Batman officially resumed on September 17, 2020 after halting production for two weeks when somebody from the crew, who was rumoured to be Robert Pattinson, tested positive for the coronavirus.

However, by October 12, Robert Pattinson was spotted back on set - filming a drizzly funeral scene outside St George’s Hall in Liverpool, England. It marked the first time the British actor had been seen outside in character.

Matt Reeve's The Batman, which is the first iteration in an intended trilogy, will release on March 4, 2022.