Loki Episode 2 Recap: The God of Mischief You Didn't Know

Loki Episode 2 Recap: The God of Mischief You Didn't Know

The second episode of MCU series Loki is out now and deepens the mystery that was introduced in the first episode. The series introduced MCU audience to the new world of the Time Variance Authority (TVA) as the show opened with Loki getting captured by the TVA after he escaped with the Tesseract during Avengers Endgame.

After getting his orientation of the TVA, Loki is recruited by Mobius to hunt for the ‘Variant Loki’ who is causing chaos in the sacred timeline and has escaped their arrest on numerous occasions.

Here’s what happened in Loki Episode 2 (Spoilers ahead)

The episode opens in Wisconsin in 1985 in the midst of a fair. The officers of the TVA are looking for the variant but are challenged to a fight by one of their own who seems to be under a spell. When the soldiers fall, the variant appears and takes away the one remaining officer into another timeline while stealing their reset charger.

When word of this event reaches TVA, we learn that they have caught many versions of Lokis in the past. The group from TVA, along with Mobius and Loki, travel to Wisconsin to inspect the scene. Here, Loki tries to fool them and escape but Mobius calls his bluff.

Despite the near-betrayal, Mobius stands up for Loki in front of Judge Renslayer who informs him that the Timekeepers are personally invested in the variant’s case. Loki tries to make up for what happened on the field, but Mobius is well aware of Loki’s plan to overthrow the Timekeepers so he can rule the sacred timeline. Mobius puts him to work so he can help with the crisis at hand.

Loki is given the task of reading the files of all the Loki variants that the TVA has caught in the past. While reading about Ragnarok, Loki has an epiphany and comes up with the theory that the variant is hiding in a doomsday-like scenarios. Since the apocalyptic scenarios are supposed to happen anyway, a little disruption from the variant won’t change anything and would be the perfect hiding spot.

Loki proves this theory to Mobius as the two travel to 79 AD in Pompeii when the city is minutes away from the apocalypse due to a volcanic eruption. Mobius is convinced of Loki’s theory and they return to the TVA to narrow down the variant’s whereabouts.

Upon investigating a little further, along with another clue that the TVA gathered before, Loki zeroes down the variant’s location to 2050 Alabama, minutes before a doomsday-like event that will kill everyone.

Mobius convinces Judge Renslayer to send a full unit to the scene along with him and Loki, so they can catch the variant. Loki, Mobius, Hunter B-15 reach a supermarket and start looking for the reset chargers that the variant has been stealing all along.

Hunter B-15 and Loki are searching the area when they come across as bystander who is under a spell by the variant. The variant takes over Hunter B-15 and starts talking to Loki.

Loki presents the variant with a plan of taking over the sacred timeline and how they can join forces, but the variant dismisses it completely. This causes Loki to wonder about the variant’s gameplan. Meanwhile, the TVA officers find the missing agent from before but can’t decipher her confused words.

Loki and the variant engage in a fistfight and we find that the entire supermarket is full of reset chargers. The variant reveals itself and turns out, it is Lady Loki. We are not told her name officially but it seems like this is Lady Loki.

As the timer strikes zero, the chargers start disappearing. Mobius and the TVA agents can’t wrap their heads around what’s happening. Lady Loki escapes into another timeline and Loki follows her as Mobius yells for him to stop. Loki has now escaped TVA’s custody. Back in TVA, many other timelines branch out from the sacred timeline and it looks like this is the beginning of chaos.