Microsoft announces Windows 11: Five features you should be excited about

Microsoft announces Windows 11: Five features you should be excited about

Windows 11 announced: Five features you should be excited about

Android apps on Windows

Microsoft is bringing Android apps to Windows for the first time. Starting later this year, people will notice Android apps in the Microsoft Store and will be able to download them through the Amazon Appstore. 

The company has also announced that it will add Adobe Creative Cloud, Disney+, TikTok, Zoom, and some of its native apps like Microsoft Teams, Visual Studio, and even Notepad and Paint to Microsoft Store on Windows 11.

Significant changes for gamers

The new Windows 11 OS will bring a number of significant changes for PC gamers. It supports DirectX 12 Ultimate, which is said to offer immersive graphics at high frame rates. There is also support for Auto HDR, which Microsoft says will offer a wider, more vivid range of colours for a better visual experience.

One will also find a built-in Xbox app in Windows 11. All the Xbox Game Pass users will be able to access “over 100 high-quality” games and stream titles via Xbox cloud gaming. DirectStorage is also there, which will offer faster load times as the game’s assets will be loaded directly to the graphics card, instead of through the CPU.

Better multitasking experience

Windows 11 also brings new Snap Layouts, Snap Groups and Desktops to offer a better way to multitask. “These are new features designed to help you organise your windows and optimise your screen real estate so you can see what you need just the way you want in a layout that’s visually clean,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

Users will also be able to create separate Desktops and customise them to their liking. For example, you can have a Desktop for work, gaming or school.


Windows 11 offers updated widgets that can slide over your desktop to show you news, weather, calendar, to-do list and your recent photos. You will also be able to view the widgets on full-screen in case you want to see everything at once. Users can add or remove widgets anytime they want.

“We often pick up our phones to check the news, weather or notifications. Now, you can open a similarly curated view directly from your desktop. When you open your personalised feed it slides across your screen like a sheet of glass so it doesn’t disrupt what you’re doing,” the company said.

Refreshing look

Windows 11 comes with a refreshing look. After upgrading to the new Windows OS, users will notice the Start menu at the centre and rounded corners on menus. You will also see all the default icons such as Edge and File Explorer to the centre. You do get the option to change the position of these apps and move the Start button to its original place.

The updated Start menu now doesn’t offer any Live Tiles that you might have seen in Windows 10, instead, you will notice some recommended apps at the bottom. Microsoft has added a dedicated search button as well, so that users can search for their favourite apps and preloaded functions.

The update also brings redesigned sounds and alerts, and one will also notice some subtle changes in gestures. You will also see new themes and some attractive wallpapers.