Realme may be working on JioPhone-like feature phones with Dizo branding

Realme may be working on JioPhone-like feature phones with Dizo branding

Realme finally announced its new “TechLife” brand called Dizo last week. Dizo will launch a range of smart products, which the company said will come in four categories: smart home, smart entertainment, smart care, and accessories. Although Realme did not say anything about the exact products, it was obvious there may be no phone under Dizo. However, that may not be true. At least two feature phones have surfaced and they suggest Dizo is not just making smart devices, it is also working on what look like JioPhone rivals.

Tipster Mukul Sharma leaked renders of two Dizo-branded feature phones, which will have the T9 keypad. One of them is called Dizo Star 300 and the other one is Dizo Star 500, according to their alleged FCC listing in the US. 

When you look at the photos, the first thing you may realise is that they look very much like the JioPhone, and that is how we may assume that Dizo may launch these phones with some smart features -- something like what you get on KaiOS. That part is unconfirmed right now, but what we can see are at least two feature phones in the offing. These phones have Dizo-branded removable batteries, slots for two SIM cards and a microSD card, and TFT displays.

The interesting bit here is the camera on the two feature phones. The camera modules on both feature phones are as big as they can get, and they are going to grab your attention first thing.

While one of them has a round module with one camera in the middle and an LED flash next to it, the second one has a broad rectangular module, covering the entire width of the phone, with one camera and one LED flash stacked up on the left side. The right side has the speaker grille. The Dizo branding is very much visible on both phones, with their backs having it etched in big fonts -- much like Realme’s “Dare to Leap” branding on some phones.

If Dizo’s feature phones are indeed trying to be a rival to the JioPhone, customers are in for a treat. There are not many feature phones that are as good as the JioPhone. That is because of KaiOS and the tight ecosystem that Reliance Jio offers. With Dizo, Realme may target an entirely different segment in the market, the one that needs a phone with fewer features than those on a smartphone. 

India saw a decline of a marginal 2 per cent in feature phone shipments, according to a report by CMR Mobile Handset Review report for Q4 2020. Transsion Holdings’ iTel was the best-selling brand for the quarter, while Samsung was in the third position.

Dizo may also be launching a new smartwatch and two pairs of earbuds in Vietnam, according to some teasers. But if you see closely, the Dizo smartwatch and wireless earbuds are nothing but rebranded Realme products for the market. Currently, I am not sure why Dizo, which has got out fresh as a brand, will sell existing products with a different name. But one logical reason behind this could be the unavailability of Realme products. Dizo may have different plans for India and other markets, though, because these Realme products already sell here.