Windows 11 launch today: How to watch live stream and everything Microsoft is expected to announce

Windows 11 launch today: How to watch live stream and everything Microsoft is expected to announce

Microsoft is all set to make its next-gen operating system official today. The next Windows OS is believed to be the successor to Windows 10, which was rolled out in 2015. An early build of the next-gen operating system, which will most certainly be called Windows 11, revealed many details about what’s in store. 

The early build revealed that the new Windows OS will come with a redesigned interface, upgraded start menu along with animation effects. Window 11 could be launched as a free upgrade to Windows 10.

A lot of similarities were noticed between the upcoming Windows 11 and the Windows 10X, which was announced in October 2019. The operating system was specifically designed for dual-screen foldable devices. However, Microsoft officially cancelled the Windows 10X and said that some of its features will come to another Windows edition, which could possibly be Windows 11. So here is where and when you watch the Microsoft launch event today and everything you should expect from today’s event.

Windows 11 launch: When and how to watch live stream

Microsoft will host its Windows 11 launch event at 11 am ET, which means the Indian audience can watch the live stream at 8:30 pm IST today. The event will be live-streamed online and it can be watched live from the dedicated windows webpage.

Windows 11 launch: Expected features

Although Microsoft has not officially announced that its next-gen OS will be called Windows 11, the official invite hinted with a subtle design that it could be called Windows 11. The upcoming Windows 11 gets a new logo which is akin to the Microsoft logo.

A major overhaul in the design is expected especially the placement of the Start Menu. Instead of the left bottom placement, the start menu could be moved to the centre. Next to the start menu, would be the Search Menu, if we go by the early build. Interestingly, users might get the option of moving the centrally-placed Start Menu to its original position, if they do not like the new placement.

Windows 11 could bring along a slew of wallpapers. Users could expect the widgets back, a dedicated icon for that was spotted in the menu. Multi-tasking might get a lot easier in the new Windows 11.

The next-gen OS could be made available to Windows 10 users as soon as it will be announced officially by Microsoft.