Laura and Jason Kenney's Cheshire home is a total sanctuary

Laura and Jason Kenney's Cheshire home is a total sanctuary

Laura Kenny looks sensational in never-before-seen wedding photo with Jason

Laura's catalogue-worthy living room is thanks to DFS, who gave the space a makeover prior to the Rio 2016 Olympics.

"Having that space away from the bike is important," Laura believes. "Good rest can be where the gains are made."

Her cosy lounge offers up scenic views of the surrounding area, creating a calming atmosphere for Laura – which must be completely different from the buzz of the velodrome.

Laura opened up about her relationship while showing off her dreamy interiors.

"A huge part of when me and Jason got together was, he just gets it. He knows the ups and downs, what it's like when a race goes badly, and he understands that I can't get drunk on a Saturday night.

"He does so much around the house, little things that you take for granted like cooking dinner without me even saying anything. And he is always there if I need him."

Despite Laura's continued success, she admits that she's not always that confident.

"I can get really nervous before a race," says Laura. "People will think this is mad, but sometimes I have got to the start line and thought 'What if I can't do this?' But the minute I sit on the bike I am like a different person.

"It's odd, but when I'm in the team pursuit with the girls, I am not nervous. I know I've got a job to do. But when I am on my own, that's when I go into overdrive."

Laura and Jason tied the knot in a 175-year-old Catholic church near their home and on an appearance on Loose Women, Laura revealed: "We kept it as low key as we could, we actually only had 63 people at the daytime bit. We told everybody at British Cycling that they weren't coming to the daytime, they're all for the evening, so not actually that many people knew, so we didn't have to tell that many people 'you have to keep it quiet.'"