The Russian twins who dominate rhythmic gymnastics

The Russian twins who dominate rhythmic gymnastics

The Averina twins were born on August 13, 1998 with only 20 minutes apart. At the age of four they discovered the world of gymnastics thanks to their mother. Arina and Dina participated for the first time in an international competition at the 2011 Russian and Chinese Youth Games, in which Dina won the gold medal and Arina took 5th place in the full competition.

Since their debut in gymnastics competitions, these sisters have shown their talents by achieving extraordinary results. Tokyo 2020 has not been the exception to this rule.

During the last Olympic cycle, the twins have dominated the different World and European Championships in the rhythmic gymnastics category. However, this August 7th they will transfer their rivalry to the Tokyo Olympics, where they will show which one of them has reached the Games in better shape.

Usually the twins never compete with each other, instead each one chooses a sub-modality of gymnastics to compete, while the other supports her from the stands. “We never compete against each other, we support each other. I am my own rival ”, commented Dina during a press conference in Tokyo.

Twins and triplets in Tokyo

Arina and Dina Averina are the first that could win a gold and a silver medal in the same individual event in any sport of the Olympic Games, but the Averinas are not the only twins competing, there are several pairs of twins who are in the same situation in the Japanese country.

In the 3x3 basketball category are Russian twins Olga and Yevgeniya Frolkina who won the silver medal in the tournament.

The cyclists Adam and Simon Yates are other twins who competed in the road discipline on July 24th. Adam was ninth in the final race and Simon finished in the seventeenth position.

On Britain's side, playing in the boxing discipline are Pat and Luke McCormack. Pat won the silver medal in welterweight in his second Games. In Rio 2016, he was ninth. His brother Luke fell in the quarterfinals to Cuban Andy Cruz.

Twins' first time at the Olympics

The first pair of twins to win a medal in the history of the Olympic Games were the Swedes Arne and Ake Borg, who won bronze together in the 4x200m swimming strokes in Paris 1924. On his own, Arné hung two silvers in the 1500m freestyle and 400-m freestyle, plus a gold in 1500-m freestyle and a bronze in 400-m in Amsterdam 1928.